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10th Seoul Record Fair
Festival identity
Seoul Record Fair is the first local sale event to embody record labels, musicians, and music fans. My project was to art direct the visual language and graphics of the entire event. I’ve been in charge of this for the past 10 years. However, we were not able to hold this event for the last two years. This event marks its 10th anniversary this year, yet it is still hard to celebrate grandly due to the severe pandemic. For this reason, the committee reduced the event period from two days to just one day and divided the venue into two places. We tried to proceed more substantially and safely. 
Art direction and poster design: Jaemin Lee
Graphic design: Jaemin Lee, Whajin Shin
Motion design: Ajeong Kim
Souvenir design: Whajin Shin
Photography: Jaemin Lee
Client: Seoul Record Fair Organizing Committee
Year: January 2022

I expressed the tenth anniversary (which was not an easy number to reach) with “X,” the majestic Roman numeral. It is also a crossing of two different lines, which contains a message of invitation and recommendation to comfortably enjoy the event in two different venues.
What’s special is that starting this year, I introduced designs with the addition of motion (more so, given that the event venues had many digital kiosks). I wanted to maintain the concept of this event’s identity, which always varies inside the same motif, but I needed something to change for the 10th episode. Incorporating movement into graphics without the addition of other forms or colors seemed most effective.

You can experience the motion version with Artivive

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