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2020 KCDF Popular Craft/Design Product Contest

Every year, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and KCDF(Korea Craft and Design Foundation) together host a contest for novel craft/design products that combine contemporary design with Korean traditional materials and techniques. KCDF reached out to studio fnt to make 2020's poster and promotion materials.
To arrange and shoot the photograph in the poster, we borrowed various work tools from different artists, who work in diverse fields such as metal crafts, ceramic crafts, and Hanji crafts, etc. We wanted to express the ambition and unexpectedness that the event intends to convey, by showing artists’ tools stacked up in a way that is impossible in reality.

  • Art direction and design: Jaemin Lee
  • Photography: Texture on Texture
  • Design assistant: Julie Cho 

  • Client: KCDF
  • Year: March 2020

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