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2020 Platform 284
Exhibition poster
Culture Station Seoul 284 has been reborn as a cultural complex with the restoration of the old Seoul station building. Every year, it hosts contests called Platform 284 to provide opportunities for artists and creators in various fields, to expand the opportunities for the public to enjoy culture and arts. RTO, a space that had been used as a rail road transportation office, holds the contest for various original performances; while TMO, a space that had been used as a transportation movement office, holds the contest for works that can be displayed, distributed and sold, including crafts, design, fashion and furniture.
I designed a series posters for these two contests, by applying and twisting the graphic identity of Culture Station Seoul 284, which we(studio fnt) designed earlier last year. With the hope that many creators’ ideas and designs will be realized, architectural elements, such as roofs and columns of buildings, were given visual dimensions. Height, width and depth describing them as physical shapes was used as graphic elements in the poster designs.

  • Design: Jaemin Lee

  • Client: KCDF
  • Year: May 2020

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