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270° Exchange: Typojanchi 2021
special section of Design 360° magazine No. 97
Design 360° magazine published interviews with the director and participating artists of Typojanchi 2021 in the special section. Interviews with me as the director dealt with the planning intention of the exhibition, the introduction of the exhibition's composition, and stories related to the design of the exhibition identity. In addition to the exhibition entries of the participating artists, it contains other projects and usual thoughts regarding their works in the full degree through 40 pages.
Chief editor and design director: Joshua Wang
Executive chief editor: Hyde Ou
Design assistants: Nan, Human Mar, Yue Su, and Holland
Coordinator and flowcharting: Xintong Lun
Editors: Lauren Luo, Xintong Lun, Yinan E, and Yuer Bi
Year: March 2021

︎ Design 360° magazine No. 97

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