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99%, 9th Anniversary of 9 and the Numbers
9 and the Numbers’ concert
CD, poster, goods

The band 9 and the Numbers, whom I have been working together with since their debut in 2009, celebrated their 9th anniversary. They made a compilation album, which we designed, along with concert souvenir goods to commemorate the 9th anniversary. Those who started the band in their 20s are now close to 40 years old.
By recording not only the good and brief moments, but also the humble and insignificant times, 9 and the Numbers archived the whole of their youth in their music. In hopes to set down their nine whole years of music, and also to express the willingness to document their new beginning, I expressed the members of the band (9, 0, 3 and 4) as ghost illustrations (dead beings).

  • Design and illustration: Jaemin Lee
  • Print: Corners

  • Client: ORM Entertainment and Tunetable Movement
  • Year: September 2018

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