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Archeologist is a solo project of 9, the leader of the band 9 and the Numbers. This album contains much more mundane, trivial, and intimate emotions and memories than the messages he tries to convey in the band’s music. Because the album contains mundane stories, I wanted to illustrate a mundane, everyday-life kind of imagery. The Archaeologist mentioned in the album name doesn’t discover a grandiose historical artifact, but rather small objects containing memories that one day are accidentally found in a drawer while cleaning up. These findings are things that would make one say “I still had these here?”. 
I recalled and illustrated objects that feel old and faded, which may have been inherited from one’s parents, but are still very precious. I was inspired by the works of Anzai Mizumaru, who depicts vintage materials with a subtle and cozy feeling by cutting and pasting colored films. With the same intention, the lyrics were written vertically, and the booklet was produced by risograph printing.

  • Design and illustration: Jaemin Lee
  • Print: Corners

  • Client: ORM Entertainment and Tunetable Movement
  • Year: January 2018


An Introduction to Archeology
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