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Buncheong Ilghee
Sangwook Huh is a potter who has been making Buncheong ware for over 20 years. During this long period of time, the materials he observed with a delightful perspective were: the seasonal flowers and plants, gestures of mischievous animals he encountered by chance, and everyday objects placed in a quiet manner. These imagery are documented in his work, and appreciating his works makes us feel as though we are flipping through his diary.
Although Buncheong is white, it differs from white porcelain made with white clay. It is built with a dark, iron bearing clay, and then painted with white slip on the outside, for decoration. This trait gives it a unique characteristic of having a wide possibility of expressions, depending on the method of finish and on the processing technique.
In order to reflect these characteristics of Buncheong ware on flat paper, white forms (flowers and animals that appear in the artist’s works) were overprinted on top of large gray-printed surface, both using a silk-screen printing method.
The word “Ilghee” of the exhibition title Buncheong Ilghee is a homonym that means Diary and/or Outstanding Spirit, in Korean. Each Chinese character was written and designed to look similar to the texture and feeling of lines drawn by the artist, on his ceramics.

  • Design: Jaemin Lee
  • Photography: Heesun Kim

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