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Correspondence in Seoul
Exhibition poster
Jungeun Lee, a longtime textile designer from Seoul, settled in Auckland, New Zealand a few years ago. She took a careful step in her life onto an unfamiliar road. She collected different languages and symbols that gathered around her lips and her fingertips. She is currently working on the Matinée series in which the traces of these new journeys are woven into a round cylindrical shape with threads. The Correspondence in Seoul exhibition introduces this series of Matinée.
The poster artwork reflects the unique cylindrical shapes and textures created by crossing of the threads of the Matinée series. A variety of lives are represented with a complicated weave, and expresses each of those lives' glittering eyes. These are the stories that Jungeun Lee hopes to tell with in her work. I tried to do the same with the design of the poster, too.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Handle with Care
Year: August 2022

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