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Days in Ripples
Exhibition poster
Days in Ripples (日月小浪) is an exhibition that introduces the pottery works of Hyuckmoon Kwon. He creates Buncheong ware with a lyrical mood like a calm wave on the vast sea. The flowers in full bloom, ears of rice shaking in the wind, and the gently spreading ripples in his works contain Korea's unique, simple and cozy scenery. 
日月, these are Chinese characters included in the exhibition’s title, each meaning the sun and the moon. We live a precious daily life while two opposite factors, day and night, warm and cold, softness and firmness, positive and negative, on repeat. With this in mind, I designed this poster constructed with two contrasting forms and colors that I found in the artist’s works.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Handle with Care
Year: December 2022

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