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Days of Bloom
Exhibition poster
Days of Bloom is an exhibition by artist Sookja Rho, who recently turned 80 years old and has painted flowers all her life (she is also my mother). The exhibition presents approximately forty small paintings that she has kept quietly piled up on one side of her studio. Small works, ranging in size from postcards to about 12 square inches, are filled with affectionate perspective toward momentary beauty. Observations of blooming flowers were cherished even on busy ordinary days, and are sincere and poetic daily logs expressed through painting.
These paintings come from an affectionate perspectives of the artist and reveal a very long-standing attitude toward life. While designing the poster, I wanted to express the great pulling of heartstrings, emotion, and contrast that I have experienced for a long period of time from observing these small palm-sized paintings. Now is the time for her to wrap up her long career as an artist, and so I wanted to celebrate the closing of her journey with shapes and colors reminiscent of the most vital blooming period. Filming her works, separating color channels, reinterpreting, and laying out the poster design were like a warm conversation between me and her, even though we may not be so affectionate and tender toward each other on a daily basis.
A flower prepares and perseveres incessantly, quietly, and fiercely in order to bloom anew next year, starting from the day it has withered. Their blooming period is short, like the momentary yet brilliant days of our lives. But rather than saying life is sad and in vain, I invite you to greet these beautiful scenes with sincerity and joy.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Handle with Care
Year: May 2022

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