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Dictionary of the Mind: Special Edition
ISBN 978-89-6090-027-1 03810
Published by Maumsanchack, Seoul, Korea
Dictionary of the Mind is a longtime beloved bestselling book, since it was first published by Maumsanchack in 2008. Although this book is called Dictionary, it is not a usual Dictionary of general and universal definitions of words. It is a unique dictionary that brings together a collection of words that indicate emotions or state of mind, and then discusses the subtle 'flavors' of that language.
The writer Soyeon Kim captures our hearts with these words, even though they are difficult to define. Maumsanchack organized a special edition of the Dictionary of the Mind, and I was asked to design it.

  • Design: Jaemin Lee

The construction of the book is unique, just like its concept. There are several short articles in parallel, many chapters, title pages, indexes, and other devices, for functionality. I thought that the gap between its functional form, that is similar to a usual dictionary, and its very emotional content, would work together to create a unique charm for this book.
While imagining the feeling of dictionaries or encyclopedias, perhaps ones that have been inherited from the parents for generations, I arranged and organized the title and other decorative elements and center-aligned them. I also visualized some words in the book into simple images, and arranged them on the cover.

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