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Eye of the Beholder
Exhibition poster
Suaan (修安) is an ophthalmologist with 11 years of experience. She became a doctor because she likes to look into, fix, and take care of people, and for this very reason, she learned Kintsugi. Eye of the Beholder is an exhibition of ceramics that she has carefully repaired.

I applied the eye chart format to the exhibition’s poster design. It is because I believe this exhibition will provide an opportunity to deal with the sincere history of objects, that only the people with considerate and profound eyes can see.
Also, I used the radial lines (degree dial) that doctors use to measure astigmatism on the bottom of the eye chart. This symbolizes the joy of the moments that the repaired items are reborn, and also the fantastic and unique gold lines of Kintsugi.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Handle with Care
Year: June 2022

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