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FELT — Drip Bag Coffee
Coffee package
This is a new drip bag coffee from FELT, whose branding identity we were in charge of designing. Taken from the fact that Drip bag coffee is ‘a product for those who want to be comforted with great coffee, even at home’, Yeji Yun, the illustrator and studio fnt, thought about the contrast between ‘dark coffee’ and ‘bright mood’. Many people think that coffee is not usually consumed at night, but we thought of this paradoxically and illustrated situations in which the nocturnal animals, especially nocturnal birds, relax and drink coffee.
  • Art direction and design: studio fnt (Jaemin Lee)
  • Illustration: Yeji Yun
  • Photography: Jaemin Lee

  • Client: FELT
  • Year: September 2019

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