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Fabrick Build
Exhibition poster
Hyunjee Jung is a fabric artist working in Eindhoven. This spring, she completed new fabric works using Myeongju, Korea’s silk fabric. So far, she has expressed the three-dimensional on a flat surface by overlapping and connecting various color tones of silk at different angles on fabric. In this exhibition, she presents objects with three-dimensional structures with Myeongju. The hardest form, made of the softest material, evoked a unique charm in me.
The Korean name of the exhibition, Gajireonhi Bom, is a dual expression with two meanings: Spring Neatly and View Neatly. (‘Bom 봄’ is a homonym that carries the meaning of both the noun ‘spring’ and the verb ‘to look’ in Korean) I designed the poster by imagining three-dimensional objects floating in space. In other words, the two consonants and one vowel that make up the Korean word Bom 봄 reflect the same three-dimensional structure as her work.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Handle with Care
Year: April 2022

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