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Flower of Salt
exhibition identity
Poster, banners, and invitations for the special exhibition in the National Folk Museum of Korea, presented all about salt; from how to make salt to how it influenced the human lives. 

The exhibitions of The National Folk Museum of Korea focuses on special relics in general. So in pasts representative photographs were the key elements in design. But in this special exhibition the main subjects were salt and its folktales. As the key subject became more abstract, a different design approach was needed.
The lettering in Hangul, ‘Flower of Slat’, depicts the process of salt manufacture. Each unit was placed in a constructed rule to create a texture that after all represents a scene of pan field farm. The solid blue background defines the sea water and salts, which was also intended to depict the time of the exhibition, the most hot and humid summer in Korea.

  • Design: Jaemin Lee

  • Client: The National Folk Museum of Korea
  • Year: July 2011

︎ Runner Up, CORE77 2012 Design Awards

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