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Galaxy Meow
Officially, there is no single, global peace flag.

Flags of Peace invited over forty reputable designers and artists from over forty different countries to propose their solutions to this undetermined icon. These newly created flags were showcased at De Pier in The Hague where they presented an impression of what peace means to individuals in all corners of the world and how it should be symbolized. The exhibition formed a visual dialogue on peace and is an ongoing project which aims to collect a design from every country in the world.

Flags of Peace asked these questions:
“What defines peace? How should it be portrayed? What should a peace flag achieve? And does it even need a flag?”
I named my flag Galaxy Meow. I realize a warm smile on my face even at times of trouble when I sit and watch my cat stretch in curious manner or curl up, lightly and gracefully move around the space. One can recognize a cat even by its partial body. I personally reach a state of peace faster when I think of warm furred animals, than to imagine a broader concept of peace that involves the Earth and its environment, or sweat and tears of man.

De Pier in The Hague, the International City of Peace and Justice.
18th — 21st September
curated by Trapped in Suburbia
www.flagsofpeace.com ︎  ︎   ︎

  • Design: Jaemin Lee
  • photography: Trapped in Suburbia

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