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Graphic Design Asia 2019:
Close to Home
Event Identity
May 4, 2019, DDP, Seoul
As the 10th anniversary of the Seoul Design Foundation and the 5th anniversary of the DDP, Graphic Design Asia 2019 aims to expand the graphic design discourse of everyday visual culture in modern society, from Seoul to Asia. The vision of the event is to shift the graphic design paradigm from Western culture to Asian, to have a new standard with our own languages and methods.
  • Host: Seoul Design Foundation
  • Advisor: Ahn Sang-soo
  • Committee: Kyungsun Kymn, Chris Ro, Jaemin Lee, Pooroni Rhee

  • Poster design: Pooroni Rhee and Jaemin Lee
  • Editorial design: Jaemin Lee
  • Riso print: Corners

  • Client: Seoul Design Foundation
  • Year: May 2019

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