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Hommage Bom
Hyunjee Jung is a fabric artist working in Eindhoven. This spring, she completed new fabric works using Myeongju, which is Korea’s silk fabric. Myeongju she used in her works were created by the craftsman, Huh Ho, who is from a family of silk artisans for several generations. The exhibition name, Hommage Bom(‘Bom 봄’ is a homonym that carries the meaning of both ‘Spring’ and the verb ‘to look’ in Korean) or Oh Majubom(‘Majubom 마주봄’ means ‘face each other’ in Korean), is about these two artists meeting one another through art, connected by their common denominator - silk, beyond space and generations, paying homage to each other’s paths.
She expresses the three-dimensional on a flat surface, by overlapping and connecting various color tones of silk at different angles on fabric. Inspired by the beautiful shape and subtle colors of her works, I tried to embody them in my own way, on paper. I created fabric, composed of lines of various thickness, and used this to form the exhibition name O-Ma-Ju-Bom in Hangul.

  • Design: Jaemin Lee

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