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Humming Stone
Exhibition poster
Humming Stone is an exhibition that introduces the world of works by Masanori Sugisaki. He is a sculptor who has been presenting sculpture works, made of stones that have been by our side for hundreds of millions of years, which are small yet not weak and have strong power in them.

As we were preparing for this first exhibition of the New Year 2022, we imagined wishing for peace; the voices asking for well-being and the promises written down with hope. Masanori Sugisaki gathers these hearts neatly to create sweet and solid shapes. These shapes tell us that we are silent, still and yet friends, and share warmth with each other.
We also held an exhibition of Masanori Sugisaki in January 2021 under the name Wishing on a Stone. The world of his work is not much different from a year ago. However, our attitude toward preparing for the exhibition has a little different. The two posters reflect our changed attitude and temperature while securing continuity with each other. If what I contained in the last year’s poster was a severe and heavy “praying attitude,” this year’s poster included a lighter and more comfortable “heart of rest.”

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Handle with Care
Year: December 2021

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