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KARA Animal Film Festival 2019
Festival identity
The KARA Animal Film Festival (KAFF), which was held in 2018 for the first time under the slogan “Be Happy for Everything That Lives”, celebrates its two year anniversary this year. For the purpose of changing and improving the perception of Animal Rights, the festival screened some films on the issues surrounding animals today, and highlighted the people who are keenly engaged to fight for animal rights.
studio fnt led the design direction of the film festival as a whole. We collaborated with Yeji Yun, an artist who has illustrated lovely and impressive animal paintings, and Delpic, who has produced lively and vivid moving images, to depict a situation in which people, animals, and all other living things harmonize with each other and walking together on our planet.
We applied this image to the posters and other souvenirs, as though the animals depicted in the image are walking directly towards the audience for a warm hug. Like so, we hope that the messages of the films of this festival will be delivered to the heart and mind of the audience.

  • Client: KARA
  • Year: September 2019

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