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KARA Animal Film Festival 2020
Festival identity
The KARA Animal Film Festival (KAFF), which was held in 2018 for the first time under the slogan “Be Happy for Everything That Lives”, celebrates its three year anniversary this year. For the purpose of changing and improving the perception of Animal Rights, the festival screened some films on the issues surrounding animals today, and highlighted the people who are keenly engaged to fight for animal rights.
Like last year, studio fnt led the design direction of the film festival as a whole. The film festival's illustrations and teaser video design were again done through a collaboration with: Yeji Yun, an artist who has illustrated lovely and impressive animal paintings, and Delpic, who has produced lively and vivid moving images.

  • Client: KARA
  • Year: September 2020      

The 2020 film festival will be held online, as we are in a global pandemic that requires social distancing due to COVID-19. These infectious diseases or climate issues, such as heavy rains, seem like a warning that the global environmental issues should not be overlooked. Among the many causes of environmental problems, is the breeding system of edible animals, which leads to the behavior of eating them.
In this year’s KAFF designs, animals that we are familiar with, such as cats and dogs, were deliberately not featured. It takes more courage and determination than you think, to revisit what you’ve been taking for granted. These designs contain a gentle, yet serious invitation to think about the environmental and life issues, for it can no longer wait.

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