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KARA Animal Film Festival 2021
Festival identity
The KARA Animal Film Festival (KAFF), held in 2018 for the first time under the slogan “Let everything alive be happy,” celebrates its fourth anniversary this year. To change and improve the perception of Animal Rights, the festival screened some films on the issues surrounding animals today. It highlighted the people who are keenly engaged in fighting for animal rights.
Like last years, studio fnt led the design direction of the film festival as a whole. The film festival's illustrations and teaser video design were again done through a collaboration with: Yeji Yun, an artist who has illustrated lovely and impressive animal paintings, and Delpic, who has produced lively and vivid moving images.
Art direction and design: studio fnt(Jaemin Lee)
Illustration: Yeji Yun
Trailer design: Delpic design studio
Client: KARA
Year: September 2021   

The slogan of this Kara Animal Film Festival is "human, too human." It doesn't mean humane, but it's more of a concept that criticizes anthropocentrism that recognizes and judges the world according to the framework of our human sights. I thought it was a nice slogan that meant redefining the relationship between humans and non-human beings.
Several animals dance like a ritual surrounding the large Earth on the poster. In that scene, humans wearing (dead) animal masks sneaked in. The animal in the illustration seems to continue their dance regardless of human intervention. However, the perspectives of humans and animals are upside down and floating toward different points. How do animals accept this situation? Can humans take off their death masks and face animals and Mother Nature with their bare faces? What is it for us to dance together? It's something everyone should think about together.

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