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2021 Calendar Project:
The Korean Society of Typography requested 12 graphic design studios in Korea that were established before the Society started in 2009, to design a calendar for each month of 2021. Then, 12 months were allotted in the chronological order in which each studio was established. Founded in 2006, studio fnt was in charge of designing September, and as the founder, I designed this page. Each page designed by 12 studios was compiled by Janghyun Moon, director of policy planning at the society, who is also in charge of the entire project. The 12 studios who took part in this project, and months allocated to each, are as follows
    January, Ahn Graphics; February, Hong Design; March, 601 Bisang; April, THE-D; May, nooNdesign; June, Infographics Lab 203; July, Strike Communications; August, Sulki and Min; September, studio fnt; October, Ordinary People; November, Workroom; December, Hezuk Press

Design: Jaemin Lee
Year: December 2020

© Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved.