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Letter is a contributing work for an Artists in Residence exhibition organized by Hen's Teeth Prints.
I am interested in the vagueness and impreciseness between text and image. Text, or typography, can be altered to be as clear, or as unclear as you wish, depending on the way its elements are handled. This is what draws me to typography, as a medium of communication.
This print design reflects upon such an idea, and illustrates a Chinese character which means ‘letter’ or ‘to write’. You can see how the text becomes an image, and this creates a pleasant ambiguity. The style of illustration derives from Scholar's Accoutrements, a Korean traditional painting.
Limited edition (of 50) prints of the Letter poster is available at online store of Hen's Teeth Prints.

13 May, 2016
Hen's Teeth Prints
62 St Alban's Rd, Dublin 8

  • Design: Jaemin Lee
  • Year: May 2016

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