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The brand name MILK LAB reflects the research-based approach of the brand. The young founders have been studied not only on devising better dairy food menus without artificial additives, but also on designing a systematic space for daily sales and brand chain expansion.
We wanted to make the identity easy and straightforward. As the MILK LAB specialised in dairy foods, we focused on milk in the identity design. Milk splash was selected as the main visual motive. While typographic elements stays simple, a set of illustration invites customers with friendly gesture.
  • Design: Woogyung Geel, Gunjung Lee and Jaemin Lee
  • Illustration: Hyekyung Shin
  • Space design: FHHH Friends

  • Client: MILK LAB
  • Year: May 2014

︎ bpando.org/2014/06/12/logo-milk-lab-by-studio-fnt
︎ beta.thedieline.com/blog/2014/8/14/milk-lab

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