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May the Barely Grown-up Typojanchi Be Blessed
special section of Letterseed No. 21
The Korean Society of Typography published the 21st issue of their journal LetterSeed as the Typojanchi 2021 special. LetterSeed No. 21 contains various articles such as introductions, exhibition reviews, and criticisms of several representative works. As the director in charge of the exhibition, I wrote an article dealing with the composition, curation ideas, planning intentions, and inner contemplations.
Text: Jaemin Lee, Hwayoung Lee, Studio Spass, Pen Union, Jaeyoung Lee, Club Sans, Min Choi
Editorial design: Hyunsun You
Year: March 2021
︎ Koreran Society of Typography
︎ Aladin
︎ Yes24

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