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May the Cats be with You
ISBN 979-11-968501-2-8 03810
Published by Sail and Anchor, Seoul, Korea
Most artists work at home or in their studio. In general, they tend to live beyond the boundaries and speed of life required by the society. For these artists, what could it mean to live with a cat? This book is a collection of eight essays by different artists, each written with a unique perspective and temperature to describe the life, and thoughts that derive from, living with a cat.
The editor says that “this book does not talk about cats as someone’s possession, but as a creature that attracts attention to its existence, and raises various questions. I hope that through the numerous EXISTENCES that cats show us, we can discover another dimension of our own existence and senses.”
As a designer living with a cat, I naturally came to design the book.
  • Design: Jaemin Lee

The words BE WITH which could also mean EXIST TOGETHER in the book's title May the Cats be with You resonating impact that reveals a sense of existence. Since cats are absolute beings for people like myself, I wanted to illustrate them using their marks, such as patterns or traces, rather than literally illustrating them with clumsy pictures or drawings.
The many nicknames we give to cats we encounter on the streets are often inspired by their patterns. Even when people who live with cats meet each other, they would initiate a conversation with: “We have two Tuxedos(a black and white pattern) living with us”, or “Our first is Chaos(a pattern of three colors mixed together).” Also, people living with cats can recognize each other right away; the fur on their dark clothes and bags, sofas and cushions that are ripped off here and there ...
These creatures leave many traces on their guardians as well. With these in mind, I tried to create an image that reminds me of the most dear ones, each of whom all have unique faces just like pebbles along a stream, and somewhat confusing and suspicious at times. 

© Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved.