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Studio360 Group
Midnite Relaxation
12 inch vinyl
Midnite Relaxation is an album created by the Studio360 Group, an artist crew led by Soulscape, in collaboration with Simmons, a major manufacturer of mattresses and related bedding products. This sleep and mental health-themed album features six library music with the soulful sound of the Studio360 Group, which delivers mental stability and comfort. Great musicians such as Yun Seok Cheol, Kim Oki, and Mothervibes joined.
I expressed the comfortable sleep by paradoxically describing the sleepless, tropical nights instead. I illustrated a long bed with letterforms that make up its frame. On it, I left a quiet and lingering impression with a blanket that hangs slightly over the edge of the bed, as though someone was lying there. As a light joke to symbolize this collaboration with a bedding company, I omitted the mattress from the back cover’s bed illustration.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: SIMMONS Korea Co., Ltd 
Year: October 2022

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