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Mr. Pavilion
exhibition identity

Mr. Pavilion is an exhibition of works by four teams of architects. Their works introduce transportable pavilions, made possible through the combination of technology, new ideas and new materials. This exhibition started from a thought that should stage apparatus be able to move around the country, it can serve a number of roles such as a cultural site for artistic activities, a place for the local residents to gather and share positive energy with one another.
I visualized each of the pavilion structures that the four teams have designed into simple line graphics. All of these pavilion structures are in the form of an arch, and so the derived graphics were put together to illustrate a virtual character named Mr. Pavilion.

  • Art direction and graphic design: Jaemin Lee
  • Researching and editing: Green Kim (Junglim Foundation)
  • Scenography: studio COM
  • Editorial design: Gunjung Lee

  • Client: Junglim Foundation
  • Year: April 2015

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