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National Theater of Korea
Repertory Season 2019—2020
Poster, booklet

Founded in 1950, the National Theater of Korea has been a leader in art performances in Korea for 70 years. 'National Repertory Season' is an annual season program presenting innovative new works and best repertoire by national arts groups in theater, traditional drama, dance and orchestra.
The visual concept of the 2019 — 2020 National Repertory Season is ‘dance’. We were inspired by the rhythmic forms, the bold juxtaposition of primary colors and the rich vibrancy that they bring to the canvas, in the works of Henri Matisse.
They are like the shapes of flowers and leaves, or like the expressions of powerful bodily movements. This graphic motif gather and scatter freely around the page, and shape the letterforms. ‘Dance’ here does not refer only to dance as a genre of art. I wanted to inspire instinctive and innocent emotions and desires through this theme of ‘dance’, to remind them of the sense of vitality to this theater program, for its 70 year anniversary.

  • Art direction: Jaemin Lee
  • Poster design: Jaemin Lee, Hyungwon Cho and Dawoon Jeon

  • Client: National Theater of Korea
  • Year: May 2019

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