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Noodle Dishes
Package of six A4  RISO prints
The Studies is a collaborative project run by the Studio SPASS, a graphic design studio based in Rotterdam. It consists of a package of six Risograph prints. Three prints by a guest designer are paired with three prints by Studio SPASS. They invited me for the second edition of The Studies.
    I came up with an idea while boiling pasta for dinner. Civilization has been developed with the beginning of agriculture. In other words, civilization has begun with the rise of the carbohydrate intake of humans. One of the most popular carbohydrates is noodles. Noodles are loved by everyone, regardless of race, gender, or status.
    Noodles from all over the world are loved not only their taste but also their shapes: Tagliatelle, Capellini, Chinese knife-cut noodles, Dragon beard noodles, and so on. Even in situations when it is difficult to interact with each other for various reasons, tasting the food of each country will be a great comfort to ourselves.
    The Studio SPASS paired their compositions with a selection of sculptural print experiments. The Studies is on sale at Studio SPASSs’s online shop.

Projecy planning: Studio SPASS
Design: Jaemin Lee (in collaboration with Studio SPASS)
Photography: Studio SPASS
Year: September 2020

© Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved.