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Ode to Patterns
Exhibition pos
Artist Mi Hye Nam has been collecting loose mother-of-pearl designs and patterns made in the 70s, which have been left idle in old craft shops for a long time. These mother-of-pearl patterns were made for applying onto the surface of traditional Korean furniture and were created 40 to 50 years ago when mother-of-pearl furniture was trendy in Korea and contained the free-spirited imagination and humor of life of those times. The exhibition Ode to Patterns presents works that have been given new life through the restoration and reconstruction of the mother-of-pearl designs piled up in dust due to lack of demand.
I designed the poster with the intent of making a collaborative work together with the artist. Just as Mi Hye Nam recreated work by attaching a mother-of-pearl pattern to a dark tree, I also chose the appropriate ones and printed them with a shiny finish on black paper. I hope this exhibition will be an opportunity to discover the brilliance of the numerous patterns that make up the world.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Handle with Care
Year: November 2022

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