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Osoree Tea — Wishful Lotus Tea
Brand identity, packaging design
Osoree is a tea brand made by lifestyle select shop TWL, and graphic design studio fnt. Everyday, badgers (Osoree, in Korean) living in the woods travel back and forth the same, narrow trail. They make their homes by digging tunnels and caves, for many generations. Osoree was created to propose a tea that brings joy and rest, as we walk our trails of life and encounter transitions of different seasons on that path.
    Brand Osoree introduces Wishful Lotus Tea as the third tea following the last two type of tea. On the packaging, I imagined the scene and the story contained therein with Heesun Kim, and completed it by describing it with an illustration.
    We illustrated the appearance of the badger in detail, who seems to be enjoying the preciousness of everyday life. The different tea types are colored in a way that reminds the viewers of their individual taste and fragrance.

Product planning: Heesun Kim, Woogyung Geel, Jieun Han with TiERIS
Design and illustration: Jaemin Lee and Heesun Kim
Photography: Jaemin Lee and Heesun Kim
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