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Park Jiha
12 inch vinyl, CD
Jiha Park composes groundbreaking modern music rooted in traditional Korean instruments like piri, saenghwang, and yanggeum performance. The album name Philos is borrowed from the Greek word, philo(love). This album is the result of Jiha Park’s continuous work over a long period of time without collaboration with other performers. She believes that repetition and concentration on something eventually constitutes one great love(Philos), and she felt that music created by stacking layers of her own sounds through repetitive work was a great loving energy to her.
After listening to the artist’s long and diligent work process, I thought of the universe, the celestial body, and its movement that’s far beyond human time. I designed the album, thinking of the moving trajectories of the stars in a night sky photography that was shot with long exposure.

  • Design: Jaemin Lee
  • Photography: Jaewoo Kim

  • Client: Glitterbeat Records
  • Year: June 2019

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