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Poetry of Light
Exhibition poster
Poetry of Light is an exhibition of works by Eunjoo Kim, who warm-heartedly presents glass crafts with nature motifs. Glass works that the artist’s eyes and hands touch is reborn in a way that resembles nature. In this exhibition, the artist will present various new works along with the glass mobile series and tableware. The standing objects, which the artist made while recalling the calm moon, and the works that depict birds gently sitting on small stones are combined on a poster.
The pale purple circle looks like a small universe surrounding pebbles in the stream and birds singing the dawn of the new morning. I made it while imagining listening to small songs of glass, which change little by little in the course of the passage of time on the horizon, as well as the shifting of seasons.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Handle with Care
Year: October 2022

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