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Public Design Festival 2022
Festival identity
Among the many projects organized and run by KCDF, ‘Public Design’ has been one of their main projects for a long time. Starting in 2022, ‘Public Design’ is being expanded to greet a broader public in the form of a festival. During this festival which lasted for about a month, the new visual identity was applied to printed and digital touchpoints in various places across the country that holds the meaning and value of public design. Public design not only pursues aesthetic virtues but also social and cultural values such as equality and sustainability. We wanted to convey such balance in the overall design of the event, at the same time as sharing the joy of a festival that a lot of people participate in.
Creative direction and art direction: Jaemin Lee
Poster design: Jaemin Lee and Younghyun Song and Youjeong Lee
Graphic design: Jaemin Lee
Motion design: Ajeong Kim
Editorial design: Jaemin Lee and Jieun Kang
Souvenir goods design: Heesun Kim and Woogyung Geel in collaboration with SeedKeeper
Client: KCDF (Korea Craft & Design Foundation)
Year: September 2022

Based on clear and definite shapes and colors that all ages and various cultures can easily recognize, visual elements were developed to be applied to various places and environments. In addition to the blue color, which is the main color of KCDF’s Public Design brand’s existing color system, we picked two additional colors of yellow and red, as contrasting colors with high-visibility. These three primary colors express that public design can be a firm foundation for safety and happiness.
The blue arrows convey the willpower to make life more prosperous. The yellow and red circles symbolize public abundance and safety. In the motion design, these three shapes of different colors balance on top of each other like a tumbling doll, and together move toward a higher place. I hope that the public design festival’s walk towards a better life will approach many citizens in a positive way, just like the cheerful movement of these arrows and circles.

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