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Readymade Bodhisattva
The Kaya Anthology of South Korean Science Fiction
Book cover
ISBN: 978-1-885030-57-3
Published by Kaya Press, Los Angeles, USA
Readymade Bodhisattva is a collection of thirteen science fiction novels, written by Korean writers between the ’60s to the present day. On top of the structure of the alphabets, I gave them a distinctive morphological characteristic called Buchi-ana, which was introduced by the Japanese mechanic designer and illustrator, Izubuchi Yutaka.
I overlapped the word ‘Bodhisattva’ on top of the face of a bodhisattva and used the two ‘T’s in the word to look like a tear-forming mechanism, to suggest and reveal the atmosphere of the book’s contents.

  • Client: Kaya Press
  • Year: March 2019

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