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Diggin’ for Gold #1:
Riverside Rendez-Vous
Event series of Beatball Music 

Poster design of the first event of a concert and performance series, called Diggin' for Gold organized by Beatball Music. DJs from Korea and Japan created their music based on the theme of AOR or City Pop in the 80's, and Synth-Pop group performed their music, reminiscent of the same era.
The ‘Riverside’, as a location, held a unique meaning for Seoul in the 80s. A new highway was constructed by the riverside, and new hotel buildings were built around it. Illustrator Hiroshi Nagai designed many record labels in Japan, with the ‘80's City and Summer’ theme. I designed this poster as an homage to his works, to recall the East Asian romanticism of this era.

  • Client: Beatball Music
  • Year: November 2018

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