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Seoul Animal Film Festival 2022
Festival identity
The KARA Animal Film Festival, which focuses on the relationship between humans and animals, was renamed the Seoul Animal Film Festival. It hopes to reflect its willingness and goal to expand its scale and establish itself as a regional-oriented festival that invites wider citizen participation. I designed the 5th Seoul Animal Film Festival poster with illustrator Yeji Yun.

The Himalayan alpine is a high-altitude, barren land that is difficult for humans to reach. Snow leopards live there, in harmony with the rocky mountain scenery, with their ability to blend in with their surroundings. Snow leopards’ mystic gaze looking down at every living thing from its home above seems to represent the whole ecosystem.  
Above is the infinitely deep sky, and below are animals living in their own unique ways, respecting each other’s territory. Far away from there, you will find humans who have built cities and heated the earth with their activities. They constantly look for new land to explore and develop. With the naive idea of conquering everything, I fear that humans are approaching even the areas we should not invade. How far will technological advancement take our humanity? How much will nature embrace and allow human greed and civilization?
The snow leopard sits in an extended position, with a detached look as if nothing matters. The poster contains the earnest hope that all of us will one day realize that humans are only one of the many animals that share a finite nature and that we are not the ones who can look down on everything.

Art direction and design: studio fnt(Jaemin Lee)
Illustration: Yeji Yun
Trailer design: Delpic design studio
Client: KARA
Year: September 2022   

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