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Seoul Record Fair 2011–2020
Seoul Record Fair 2011–2020 is the archiving exhibition related to the Record284 — Culture on a Turntable, the special exhibition of Culture Station Seoul 284. Through this exhibition, Seoul Record Fair is participating as artists in Record Masters, the section of Record284 — Culture on a Turntable that introduces professionals who have been actively involved in the process of making, producing, and distributing vinyl records.
    I, as the art director of Seoul Record Fair, arranged and organized this small exhibition, with the cooperation of Hanna Cho from Seoul Record Fair Organizing Committee, curator Jungmin Kwon from Record284 — Culture on a Turntable, director Sunny Lee from A TEAM who organized the entire program of Record284 — Culture on a Turntable and Jisung Park from Sunny Studio who designed the official brand character of Seoul Record Fair.
    During the exhibition period, pieces of the last 10 years of the Seoul Record Fair are introduced at the complex cultural space, Poze in Seongsu, Seoul. Along with official posters, some of the limited edition albums planned and produced for the Seoul Record Fair, and souvenirs sold during past events are on display. Danja Gunz made a vignette to display the limited edition albums. Sooin Jang did a great photoshoot of the exhibition venue.

Exhibition planning: Jaemin Lee, Hanna Cho, Sunny Lee, Jungmin Kwon and Jisung Park 
Graphic design: Jaemin Lee andd Youjeong Lee
Vignette design: Danja Gunz
Photography: Sooin Jang
Year: November 2020

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