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Thanks for All the Books

Thanks for All the Books is a contributing work for the Posters for Seoul Bookshops exhibition
1 — 6 December, 2020
Seoul Met­ro­pol­i­tan Li­brary

Seoul Book­shops is a local bookstore revitalization program hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and or­ga­nized by Seoul Met­ro­pol­i­tan Li­brary. Seoul Bookshops asked 15 graphic designers and illustrators to select their favorite local bookstore and create a poster for it. The bookstore I chose and worked on is Thanks Books.
    Thanks Books is my first “local bookstore” after I became an adult. Like those bookstores in the neighborhood when I was young, there was a subtle joy of space where I could visit and check out new books and choose gifts. It has been 10 years since I enjoyed such simple joy. A lot of the books I bought there were piled up, and when I opened those old books on the shelves, the hairs of my cats that were nested between the pages were blown away. A cozy presence with a steady appearance that grows older with me. Thanks a lot Thanks Books.

Illustration: Jaemin Lee
Print: Corners
Year: December 2020

© Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved.