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The 3rd Public Diplomacy Week
Event identity
Public Diplomacy refers to diplomacy by the public for the public, unlike the traditional diplomacy centered on existing government-government negotiations. Public Diplomacy Week is an event organized by the Korea Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, where you can explore the achievements and prospects of public diplomacy with the experts at its forefront, and hear their stories of various public diplomacy activities. There are also opportunities available for those seeking career paths in related fields.
    The identity/graphic design work for the 2020 Public Diplomacy Week, which marks its third anniversary, was designed by studio fnt.

Art direction and graphic design: Jaemin Lee
Motion design: delpic design studio
Client: Korea Foundation
Year: October 2020

Considering that Korea’s public diplomacy is ultimately an activity that increases national profit by utilizing Korea's various attractive assets and creating a friendly image, we tried to use elements that symbolize Korea in a contemporary manner. The title and posters of the event were designed inspired by the colors of Taegeukgi(Flag of South Korea) and its trigrams of Geon-Gon-Gam-Ri, as they are the most representative symbols of Korea.
The three concentric circles that live inside the circles that appear three times in the letters that make up the event name Public Diplomacy Week in Korean, are like the waves spreading over the water and the complex and beautiful patterns formed by them interfering with each other. It symbolizes the gathering and spreading of small movements of individuals of Korea, which bring about a big change.

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