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The Origin of the Moon
The Origin of the Moon is a two-person exhibition by Kim Gyu, an artist who creates wooden ware while maintaining the wood’s knots and grains, and Suo, an artist who takes pictures of Jeju Island’s primal nature. The two artists who have been deeply gazing at the patterns of nature in their own delicate ways, borrowed the medium of wood and photography to depict different scenes, though they look somewhat similar. A tree’s new face is actualized by Kim Gyu in his works, by utilizing traces of countless tree rings and knots, which then resembles a round moon. A round moon shines its light and adds color onto accidental scenes of life, captured up close and sometimes far away, by Su Oh.
Handle with Care, who organized this exhibition, imagined that in the world of these two artists’ works, the moon is a long observer and an intimate guide of life. With these feelings in mind, I combined the silhouettes and textures of each piece, and wove together an Up Close and Touchable Piece and a Far and Appreciative Piece.

  • Design: Jaemin Lee

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