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Time to Rumination, New year’s card
According to the Chinese Zodiac, which recurs every 12 years, 2021 is the Year of Ox. Most countries in East Asia celebrate the Lunar New Year, and I designed a card depicting scenery with cows (instead of oxen) that chew the cud. I didn't want the cow as a consumed animal to appear on the card. On the other hand, I focused on the fact that the word Ruminate means Animals Chew the Cud also means To Think Over.
    “This year was a time of concern and worry for everyone. It was also an opportunity to look back on past days and think about the life ahead. We sincerely wish for hopeful news and the return of ordinary days for you in the New Year.”

Design and illustration: Jaemin Lee
Print: Corners
Year: December 2020

© Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved.