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2020 Title Match: To the Wavering
Exhibition identity
Every year, SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art invites two artists to hold an exhibition under the name of Title Match. For the past six years, Title Match has experimented with exhibition formats and sought new possibilities for competition, conversation, and collaboration between its two invited artists.
Art direction and graphic design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Seoul Museum of Art
Year: October 2020

    In its seventh anniversary this year, Title Match is joined by artist Yang Ah Ham and critic Dongjin Seo. Yang Ah Ham’s work focuses on individuals and societies that exist in the social system and on socialized nature based on her experiences living in the U.S., China, the Netherlands, Turkey, and other areas. Dongjin Seo writes critical analysis on the relationship between capitalist economy and culture, and the aesthetic transformation of visual arts. In this exhibition, the two try to converse on the theme of “How do we interpret today?” As a critical response to Yang Ah Ham’s work of research and analysis of problems in the social system to try and predict the near future, Dongjin Seo brings the narrative of a Utopian past to usher in a new future.
    With the title of the exhibition (it is said to have been inspired from Bertolt Brecht’s poem An den Schwankenden[To the Wavering]), I wanted to express how we hesitate before violence of the social system and global disasters. It was designed to be a little bit illegible and obscure, by forcibly connecting consonants/vowels of Hangul, similar to Latin scripts. In addition, I added an effect of the image looking blurred and smeared, just like how things look when seen with teary eyes.
The artistic practice of the two artists pursues critical and cognitive experiences rather than aesthetics such as emotions and feelings that are overflowing today. In other words, they invite us to search for the answer of what we should do together. The title of the exhibition that can only be read with effort and concentration, is my answer to this works.

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