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Trembling Little Spring
Exhibition poster
Trembling Little Spring is an exhibition that introduces SOHOSU’s mobile works, held in the fresh Spring on March 31, when flowers have just begun to bloom in Seoul. The exhibited works express soft statue and vitality of plants. The illustrated Chinese characters 波浪 (this word, which is read as Pa-Rang, coincidentally has the same pronunciation as the word ‘Blue’ in Korean), which is the title of the exhibition, is expressed in the form and material that frequently appears in SOHOSU’s works.
When I read the letters, its pronunciation of Pa-Rang hovering at the tip of my tongue reminded me of a synaesthetic imagery that fluttered comfortably, just like a light mobile. I hope that the poster will give you an opportunity to feel the trembling of Spring and deeply stretch your mind that may have been tense last winter.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Year: March 2021

© Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved.