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Typojanchi 2015: International Typography Biennale
C(   )T(   )
Leaflet for the Typojanchi 2015: International Typography Biennale, C(   )T(   ). For more information on the exhibition identity, please refer to this link.
  • Director: Kymn Kyungsun
  • Chief curator: Lee Kiseob, Lee Jaemin, Chris Ro, Kelly Choi Moonkyung
  • Exhibition identity : Studio fnt
  • Graphic design: Sohn Youngeun, Kang Hong, Lee Daeun
  • Design assistant: Yang Doyeon, Han Yeji, Leem Hyeeun, Kim Sohee
  • Communication poster design: Lee Jaemin

︎ bpando.org/2016/01/05/branding-typojanchi-2015
︎ Notable, CORE77 2016 Design Awards

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