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Villa Lettre
There is a food called jjamppong in Korea. It is a spicy noodle soup made with stir-fried seafood and vegetables. Although it was born in China and spread to Korea via Japan, it developed independently from Japanese jjamppong and has become a Korean-style Chinese cuisine. It can be seen as a mix of cultural influences from three different countries.

This poster is similar in that sense, so to speak. The poster, which follows the style of the Wien Secession, a little awkwardly contains ethnic patterns depicting Indian nature. Some might be confused by the word Parisienne on these posters, and the fact that these posters were printed by the Risograph-printing machine invented in Japan.
The artist makes a variety of fabric products using Indian fabric and woodblock printing. While studying textile design in France, she accidentally became interested in Indian textiles. So the artist’s brand name is INDIAN PARISIENNE. Meanwhile, she said the biggest inspiration for her works is the Win Secession. I wanted to put all of these different stories onto a single piece of paper.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Print: Corners
Client: TWL
Year: July 2021

© Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved.