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Volume of Silence
Exhibition poster
Volume of Silence is an exhibition of works by potter Yongtae Park, who makes white porcelain named Cheongwangyo. The name Cheongwangyo means pottery that contains the light of the sky. Like this name, Yongtae Park’s white porcelain is a tranquil object reminiscent of a calm surface of the sea or a view of the moon in the sky. There is a unique charm in his works, which has both the blank space as well as fullness.
I thought about expressing blank space and fullness, visually contradictory concepts. I put round-shaped porcelain like a full moon on the poster. I then revealed the exhibition’s information by not printing the text forms when they are on the porcelain graphic. The texts that appeared only by printing its negatives suggest the innocent appearance of white porcelain that we can encounter when viewed with equanimity.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Handle with Care
Year: May 2022

© Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved.