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When Will the Rolling Stone Awaken
Book cover

HEREN, a magazine covering Culture and Lifestyle, featured an article whereby 8 selected designers design a book cover of those written by 8 noted authors of Korea. I was invited to design the cover of the book When Will the Rolling Stone Awaken, written by the author Lee Seong-bok. The design consists of shapes of random forms and sizes, connected to each other like a chain.
I was inspired by the author’s choices and juxtaposition of words; they may seem unrelated from one's stance, but really are carefully linked to each other. These words in his writing draw out emotions of pain and agony. This proves that we are alive. The old, ragged forms on the cover resemble ourselves wallowing on the stern stages of life.

  • Design: Jaemin Lee

  • Client: Heren Magazine
  • Year: December 2015

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